Have you ever wondered who used to live in your house, or how your house and street have changed over time? Perhaps you would like to know more about a house in which your family once lived, and the area they lived in. Whether yours or your ancestors’ home is a 15th century merchant’s house, a 16th century manor house, a 17th century farmhouse, 18th century townhouse, 19th century terrace, Edwardian villa, inter-war semi-detached residence, a converted barn or water tower, or anything in between, your home has a history waiting to be told.

Karen has been researching the history of houses throughout England and Wales since 2006- houses of all types from from all periods (as well as other building types which have been converted into a home!) and has an in-depth knowledge of the range of resources required to find out about a house’s history according to geographic location.

The sources and archives to be researched will depend on the location and age of your house, but house history research typically requires visits to national and regional archives and libraries to consult a breadth of archive sources not available online, including maps, deeds, plans, land tax records, manorial documents, land surveys, electoral registers, and historic images. Some records have been digitised and are available online, such as census and some parish records…but these will only tell part of the story.

Research can be tailored according to your budget and requirements, as in-depth or brief as you wish; perhaps you just wish to find out who was living in your house at a particular historic moment in time, or would like a list of the names of former occupants. Or you may want to find out more about the lives of the former residents, such as where they were living before they moved to your house, and what happened to them after they moved on.

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Completed illustrated house histories may be presented in a variety of ways, ranging from a framed certificate listing your home’s former occupants, a report-style booklet, or a glossy colour coffee-table style book, which makes a perfect gift.

Payment plans are available, and there is a discount for house histories located within the West Midlands (Karen’s home county), and the London Borough of Waltham Forest (Karen’s adopted home for over a decade). Please fill out the contact enquiry form for a free, no obligation quote.

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