Historical research can be used to enhance your project in creative ways.

local history projects

Bespoke services include:

  • scoping assessments to identify potentially relevant online and archive sources to see whether a project is viable
  • advice and/ or provision of workshops on research methods and potentially relevant sources
  • provision of bespoke research toolkits
  • guidance of research as a project develops
  • standalone historical research

business/ company histories

A bespoke company history can be invaluable as a marketing and advertising tool. Whether an independent business, chain or franchise, company histories can be commissioned to mark an anniversary or a new chapter in a company’s history.

Historical research can be used for promotional purposes such as brochures, websites, or promotional films, and can also be provided in several formats, including a standalone brochure or book.

Historical research can be used in a number of ways to add value and enhance local history and heritage projects at all stages, from initial planning phases through to delivery.

bespoke historical research

Bespoke research services can be tailored for estate agents, authors, television producers, and not-for profit organisations.

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