What to write as a first blog post…? Eight years after setting up a blog The Past and the Curious, and doing exactly zero blogging, I am hopping on the blog train again. Whilst undertaking oh so many varied and absorbing research commissions over the years I have happened upon countless intriguing historical nuggets which have piqued my interest, which has often led to slipping down tangential research rabbit holes.  But then nothing. Cue Buildings, People, Places.  

buildings, people, places

The East Prospect of Birmingham in the County of Warwick, 1753
by Samuel Buck. Birmingham Museums and Art gallery. CC0 - Public Domain

All buildings have stories (pardon the pun) and it is their settings- the places which provide them with historical context- and people- the lives and experiences of those who lived, stayed, or worked in them, that make the past so tangible and absorbing. 

Aside from client commissions, my personal research interests are varied, but snippets, stories and happenings relating to seaside heritage, industrial heritage, house history, the history of Birmingham (my home town), and of my adopted home of London, will undoubtedly feature regularly!


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